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The holidays are right around the corner.  Sure they are a couple of months away but seeing how quickly this year has flown by already those months are going to pass by in a flash and once November hits, the time between then and New Year's is usually a whirlwind and a blur.   We are so busy around that time of year, the last thing anyone needs is to worry about is an appliance with all the holiday meal prep we have to do.

Every year I say that I am going to replace my appliances, especially my oven.  That is the first thing on my list.  My oven is old and I swear every time I make something it takes twice as long to cook as it is supposed to.  I don't even live in a high altitude where I am supposed to adjust the temperature or times, I just think my oven has had it.  What I usually end up doing is starting to cut (meat is the big thing) and it isn't done so I have to put it back in and then I end up leaving it in too long and it ends up being dry.  I cannot win.  Believe me, with a house full of people the last thing I need is for my Thanksgiving turkey or any of the side dishes to not be done on time when everyone is hungry and wanting to eat, or worse be underdone and then having to wait or be embarrassed when someone gets to the middle of the side dish and it isn't hot or done! Plus, I do the whole Thanksgiving meal twice because some close friends always go away for Thanksgiving so a few weeks before we get together and have the traditional Thanksgiving meal together and with my oven acting up I was dreading having to cook for the holidays this year  and really just wanted to make reservation instead of doing my usual meal prep.

I headed to BestBuy to look at ovens.   I had never thought of BestBuy as an appliance store, more like TVs and computer, but they have an offer where you save an additional 10% or 3 or more Whirlpool major appliances and since all my appliances are just as old as the other I wanted to try to do everything (or at least some) in one shot so I did not have to do this again for a while.

The LG Gas Self-Cleaning Double Oven Range has everything I want in an oven. Seriously, a double oven so I can cook plenty of food and if things need to be cooked at different temperatures I can do so without trying to figure out how to cook it at a different temperature adjusting time, etc., five burners including a middle one that has an included griddle so I can make plenty of pancakes or grilled cheese and nobody has to eat the cold ones or fight over the last ones made and we can all eat together, and ProBake convection so I can get my cooking done faster (and better if you ask me, I love convection).  The Power Boil feature is something that I could never do without and one of those things filed under stuff I didn't know I needed – it boils my water so much quicker than a normal burner and I love that because I boil lots of water for pasta, tea, etc., and well, the saying a watched pot never boils? Well I spend lots of time watching the pots!

The LG InstaView French-Door Refrigerator I swear they designed based on me.  It has a glass panel door that enables you to actually SEE inside the fridge without opening the door! Seriously, I cannot tell you how many times I open my refrigerator door, stand there inspecting it (meanwhile as my grandmother would yell at me all the time when I was younger to shut the door and not leave it open, guess I never learned), and shut it, just to open it 5 minutes later and do the same thing like something would miraculously appear that wasn't there 5 minutes ago.  I also love that I can get ice and water right from my fridge at will.  It even has an alarm to let you know if the door is left open.  I've done that before too, just not closed it right or hard enough or what have you.

And now you can save up to $600 on an LG Kitchen Appliance Package, so check out Best Buy's Prep for the Holidays!

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  1. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    I have bought whirlpool appliances for years. They have never failed me. I tried a fairly new brand recently that I thought would be great. I had nothing but trouble. Thank you so much for sharing this great article

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