It's that time of year when everyone is scrambling to get fit and lose weight. And having a couple of bumps in the road, being stuck at losing a couple of pounds and nothing else. There are many of us out there and now we are looking to lose the weight, we packed on during the winter.

Mealfit is the answer to all of our problems, this is just the boost we all need not only will it improve your energy and the way you feel about yourself. This is a great monthly plan , this will help you plan your meals with a Southern Style. A great plan for people who that are so busy that they can not cook a great meal for their family.

Whats great about this is they plan your meals for you, so breakfast, snacks and dinner are all in your daily recipes, lunch is taken care of already because you use all of the last meals leftovers, that is a great way to save on money and food. For me the best part is that they give you all the grocery list you will need for that week, and that is all the food you will need. How amazing is that, I find it hard to believe that a list is all I will need.

The week is all set for you and you are supplied with what you need for a weeks worth of food. They will supply you with the 5 recipes that you will need for the week, and all you have to do is make them. They even give you one really easy recipe so that you can use it in the crock pot, what a relief this is going to be.

Making my family healthy meals and in no time is going to be the best, and they are planned out . Something we need around here with all the doctor appointments and everything else we have going on. Mealfit is for every mom who is running here and there with their children, and do not have enough time in the day for a good meal. This is a great plan if you're wanting to lose weight and get back in shape.

With Mealfit you have a chance to lose weight, improve your fitness and feel so much better about yourself. this program has 2 plans that you can do. Each plan includes 2 meals with 4 servings each, these are cooked and packaged. All you need to do is just warm them up and serve them.

With meal fit you can rest assure that you will be eating a healthy real food. With this it gives you more time to e with your family doing other things, there are 2 plans with meal fit
the original and the strict plan, both are geared at what you want and how you want it.


Some info about the creator;

My name is Thomas Cox and fitness and healthy living have always been one of the driving forces in my life. I grew up loving sports and played college football at the University of Alabama, Birmingham. I was later blessed to be able to coach football at both the high school and collegiate levels. I have been a competitive CrossFit athlete since 2011 and have been blessed with an opportunity to work with and train with some of the most talented athletes on the planet. I am married to my best friend and fellow CrossFit athlete, Jackie, and we have 2 amazing kids.


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