With the busy hustle and bustle of the holiday season it seems you do not get a moment to sit down and just rest a minute! The last thing you need is a headache to slow you down, or being so stressed that you cannot even think straight!


I get headaches quite frequently. I had a favorite product that for some reason they discontinued. I was SO upset not to be able to get my hands on this product anymore. Now, thanks to Medical Mommas, I found a product that I can use and this one is all natural without all of the other stuff that I cannot even pronounce. My Head Hurts Rollerball is my new must have item. Pretty much the only ingredients are grapeseed oil, lavender, and peppermint oil. I carry it in my purse and the first sign of any hint of pain in my head region I grab it and use it. I use it on my temples and across my forehead. It smells really good too so I do not have to worry about using it anywhere and everywhere – and believe me, I do.


Medical Mommas also has a Chill Out Rollerball for those times you need a nice calming effect. This is to be applied to pressure points such as ankles, feet, wrists, temples. It has a very soothing smell and as is all of their products, it is all natural. Anyone of any age can use this which makes it perfect, especially if venturing out shopping with all the crowds over the holiday season. That is enough to give anyone stress!


Along with holidays and stress and my headaches that I get all the time whether it is the holiday season or not, during the winter my skin is unbelievably dry. That in and of itself is enough to give me a headache just thinking about it. Itchy, dry skin and again, all these products with so many chemicals in it and not helping my skin like I want it to. Medical Mommas Body Butter makes my skin so soft and retains moisture saving my skin from being a dry and itchy mess. I was also impressed because the Body Butter goes right in and is not greasy so no need to wash my hands after I apply it. I love that! Usually everything is so greasy and it takes forever to absorb. I have the Lavender Love Story, and love it I do – the scent is light, not heavy at all, and it smells great. And again, all natural!

Check out Medical Mommas and all their products and save your skin (and sanity) naturally!

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