Meditation can be one of the best ways to find your calm spot…your zen; the hard part is clearing your mind long enough to actually accomplish it. There are people that have practiced the art of meditation for years, before finding their zen. The question is, why? Part of it is due to the stress of everyday life. It can be hard to stop focusing on all that still needs to be done. You sit down to clear your mind, and instead, it starts to race.


What if you had some help clearing your mind, and had a reminder that let you know your thoughts were leaving your calm spot? Now, you can; It's called Muse, and it lets you monitor your brain signals through a headband. It translates those signals into sound and records to an app on your smartphone. You have all the info you need to make each meditation session better than the next.

The Muse brain sensing headband is really easy to use, start by downloading the app; this is where all of your data will be displayed for you to monitor. If your hair is long, tie it back with the hairband Muse supplies (they thought of everything!); put on the Muse headband, and put in your ear buds after plugging them into your phone. Open the Muse app, and push the start session button, close your eyes and meditate to the sound of a beach or rainforest.

If your mind remains calm, you will hear peaceful sounds…when you start to hear the sound intensify, that is your notification that your mind is wandering. On the app, you have the ability to change the length of your meditation session. As well as download different soundscapes, collections, and change exercises. This is really a very helpful setup, that will ensure that you are centering yourself each day, and finding your zen.


This would be the perfect gift for anyone that needs a little down time but has a hard time finding it. Tell them to check out Muse, and find their Zen.

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