Contrary to popular belief, men’s gloves aren’t worn only in winter or when the time is bad. There are so many different models of hand gloves, from woven to leather, that there is a pair for every occasion. However, selecting the gloves that will suit you the best requires some background knowledge about the material, purpose, and the climate in which you’ll wear the gloves.

What will you use the gloves for?

If you wear gloves in winter to protect your fingers from the cold air and icy conditions outside, then the thicker the fabric, the better. Skiers wear special gloves layered with fleece or flannel to keep them warm, enabling them to grip the poles tightly.

However, there are other instances when you need precision and movability instead of insulation. If you’re driving a convertible, then leather cashmere gloves are an essential part of your garment. The gloves are tight enough to neatly wrap around your fingers, allowing you to grip the steering wheel. Because driving gloves are made from leather, they allow the skin underneath to breathe, prevent sweaty palms.

For cyclists and bikers, similar gloves get the job done but the only difference is that they have the fingertips cut off. This is the only way they can firmly grip the handlebars, all the while keeping the palms warm. Basically, you need to decide early on what you will use the gloves for staying warm or gripping. Do you know how to buy a pair of water ski gloves, should be as easy as buying a pair of regular ones. 

Stylish handwear

Their purpose set aside, the gloves need to be stylish. Even thermal gloves used in polar conditions feature decorations, so style is of the essence when selecting the perfect pair of gloves. For this reason, various models of leather gloves are ideal birthday or anniversary gifts. Suede, lambskin, and other soft leather gloves are considered high-end merchandise.

If you’re buying a pair of gloves to match your outfit, then select a pair made from the same material and color of your coat, shoes, or pants. Even leather motorcycle gloves which are all about functionality can be made to match the rider’s leather jacket or parka. Leather gloves and a leather jacket combo is popular among non-motorists as well.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, men’s gloves are typically associated with opulence. A pair of lined leather gloves will complete your outfit if you’re attending a formal event. In addition, cashmere gloves and a cashmere scarf radiate elegance and are ideal for informal gatherings.

The climate you live in

Whether you will don the gloves on or not, depends largely on the season and the weather outside. However, there are parts of the globe with constantly cold weather where gloves are more of a necessity than a fashion statement.

People living in Norway, for example, need to have several pairs of gloves, each with a specific purpose. There are gloves used for chopping wood in the forest, driving a snowmobile, going for a walk, etc.

On the other hand, people living in Costa Rica might not own a single pair of gloves, with the exception of ladies' evening gloves. The number of gloves you own is, therefore, dependent on the frequency of use and their versatility.

Determining the size correctly

Finally, you need to be able to tell the size of the gloves with ease. There are tables and charts on some packages to measure the size of your hand and determine whether an M or L size will fit you. However, high-end gloves might not have this size chart, so head online for extra help with sizing.

Buying a pair of gloves might seem like a shopping slam dunk. However, gloves come in all shapes and sizes so determining the right material, thickness, and site is no easy task. If you get it wrong, you’ll have to sell the inadequate pair of gloves and buy a correct one, costing you extra time and money.


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