moshe   The Mensch on the bench was recently sent to me to review. I love the idea of this as it give families a fun way to celebrate and make family traditions that can be passed down from generation to generation. Little kids love dolls and this mensch is adorable. There are 8 rules when bringing him into your home.

  1. Rule number one. Name your mensch. He is part of your family.
  2. Number two. Moshe was always trying to make kids smile and have fun enjoy..this holiday with your family. Have fun make your own traditions.
  3. Number three. Everyday give your mensch a shaman candle to hold .and every night use that candle to light the menorah.
  4. Number four. Mensches are infused with Hanukah magic.

moshemenchbench_ata-1-_custom-16c40c27506a04bb5ea911c33aafa6ea2078939f-s6-c30Make sure your kids know that if they behave, your mensch will let go easily of the shamash candle! but if they misbehave , he will hold onto it tight and they may not get any presents.   5. He will get sore for sitting in one place for to long, just like Mosche.. So move him everyday. They love to have fun so be creative. 6. They love having their pictures taken. Have fun and take pictures share them with friends and family. 7. One night instead of opening presents. Give presents to people in need. Remember a true mensch is one who puts smiles on other peoples faces. 8.  Mensches don't sleep let them watch over the menorah at night. This is a great way to make fun memories and new traditions. This is a great product. For more information click here. book-excerptside-mensch-box2

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