When we found out my niece was going to have a baby, and finding out it was a boy Liam , I was on the look out for something different and cool. The first thing I found was the merdy blanket, I know sounds weird but its a really cool blanket.

This Twinkles of Joy® blanket features the unique introduction of neuroscience concepts to traditional children’s bedding. This unbelievable inspiration means that our product goes beyond. Right out of the box these blankets are incredibly soft. Each one is trimmed with a Charmeuse satin ruffle that babies and toddlers love rubbing between their fingers.

The one I got him was the twinkle Star SECURITY Blanket are made up of patchwork colors to be visually stimulating for baby. Liam loves to watch the lights and he loves the music. This calms him down.

Each blanket includes a very detailed design in one corner. In each design of the blankets that I tried, there is a star that lights up and plays classical music. The lights also get brighter and dimmer in a very soothing pattern as the music plays. Baby Philosopher® and Twinkles of Joy® has four outstanding aspects music, sound, color and sensory stimulation.

The combination of music, sound, color and sensory stimulation your baby’s blanket will help begin your baby’s first stages of development. It is very important for babies and children to be exposed to music, sound, color and sensory stimulation at such a young age. Our Baby Philosopher® and Twinkles of Joy products can provide the proper stimulation that a baby and child need to start their growth development.

The blanket is so soft and soothing when Liam is a bit cranky, this makes him relax and fall fast asleep. The first five years are extremely important for the development of a child and has many great benefits for babies and children in their development.

Theses are some of the great benefits:

Memory and concentration
Sensory Coordination
Speech and language development
Motor and rhythmic development
Social interaction and group skills
Vocal and language development
Cognitive development and abstract thought
Balance and coordination
Reduces stress

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