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Miami beach sun was sent to me to review. The set has almost everything. A cooler bag to put some nice cold drinks in. Sunglasses to wear while enjoying the sun protecting your eyes.  Miami beach sunscreen lotion spf30, sport spray SPF 50, spf15 sunscreen gel, and instant color bronzer. The sea green color of this product results from the Miami Beach triple action sea kelp used to provide the incredible benefits of seaweed’s natural sunscreen while firming the appearance of the skin and protecting against photo-aging. Replenishes the proteins and minerals lost in the sun. This product is water resistant for 80 minutes. When you apply this light green sunscreen the color does go away. Has a nice clean smell. Does not leave you feeling sticky. The Miami  beach sport spray SPF 50 broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection sunscreen spray works great. My son and I are light skinned and it doesn't take long in the sun to start to burn. It is hard to find products that work, don't leave you feeling sticky and lasts for awhile. This does. Some sprays  stay wet and sticky. This dries and feels comfortable. Also has a great smell. The salt water sport SPF 15 is made with mob salt water. Naturally contains minerals, vitamins and proteins. Helps protect and nourish your skin. With mob signature beach scent.


Which is a nice clean smell that reminds you of the beach. Reapply every two hours. I was a little Leary about the gel. As I thought it would make you sticky. Once applied and absorbed into the skin you feel smooth, with a nice scent. All three of these products work. You need to keep applying depending on how long you are out in the sun and how wet or how much you perspire. I used these products at different times and they helped prevent sunburn. Sobe nights Miami beach instant color sunless bronzer. I have only tried bronzer once in the past as it left me looking orange. With my fingers crossed I had tried the bronzer. With this product a little goes a long way. You need to use it lightly but it mad me look tan. I did not turn orange. That's a plus in my book. Take a little of the south beach home with you. This 2 in 1 color system gives you instant color plus a sunless bronzer. You can wash off the instant color but the sunless bronzer keeps working so you still have the Miami beach tan. For more information click here.

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