Recently I was given the opportunity to try out an entire suite of products from Michael Todd True Organics tailored to my particular skin type and problem areas. That alone was fantastic — being able to put together a dream team JUST for my weird face. Those of you who have read my reviews already know I can be a little bit skeptical, but I was pleasantly surprised by what I tried out.

In case you’re unaware of the brand, Michael Todd True Organics mission is to make the most effective, results oriented organic solutions for healthy, radiant skin. They use as much organics as possible without compromising performance and never use parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, artificial coloring or synthetic fragrance to avoid health concerns. They’re also cruelty free – so, bonus to the bunnies!


The “Skin Defender” is a cream cleanser with 70% Organic ingredients. I’m not a big fan of cream cleansers(I prefer foam), but I do really like this product. I wouldn’t use it to take my make-up off as I’m not confident it would remove it completely without a bit of work, so I usually like to use this AFTER taking my make-up off to clean my skin. It has a fresh lemony scent, and my skin feels squeaky clean after using this cleanser! I only like to use this cleanser in the evening as it will increase your skins sun sensitivity.


This Rose Petal mask smells so lovely! It feels lovely and light as it dries onto your face, unlike so many other face masks which are thick and heavy. After use my skin feels hydrated and smooth, not to mention squeaky clean. Overall using this mask it s very pleasant experience, and also leaves my looking slightly brighter. I use this mask once a week in the evening as this product will increase your skins sun sensitivity.
Love the way this makes my skin look and feel.


This is a lovely lemon flavored toner that is 96% organic! By far my favorite product in the line, this toner is so cool and refreshing! It smells like fresh lemon with sugar on top! It feels lovely and clean on the face, and I thoroughly enjoy using this toner everyday. I will use it both during the day and at night, but I should note that this product will increase your skins sun sensitivity so it is always best to apply SPF protection during the

I think these products have made my skin look a bit better than usual. But don't expect to get a radiant glow just from using these. All that has to be achieved through positive lifestyle changes. Ultimately, they are good products. I love the fact that they are organic. And love the way they make my skin feel and look.

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