One of the most common setbacks about getting older for men is that we get unwanted hair or more like fuzz in our ears and noses. There are many little razors on the market that are suppose to help out with the problem. I have owned several of them over the years. Those razors start out decent, but they quickly stop cutting and they never quite work right.

The product works great if you have medium to fine hair, anywhere!!, now for personal areas same applies it works great no razor bumps or ingrown hair. !!! Just becarefull of “sensitive areas” meaning testicles because the way its structured you can nic your self(pull skin into the shaving mechanism). Besides that it works awesome, but as mentioned fine to medium hair.

The MircoTouch Switchblade (valued at $19.99) has two different blades, one on each end, with two attachments for both sides. The ear/nose trimmer has a see-through plastic lid. When turned on, a bright light will appear helping you trim your nose and ears, but it can also be used on beards and eyebrows. To access the other blade, you have to pull the orange handle up to expose the blade. It can be used for body hair or with the attachments it can be used to trim your sideburns or be used  for a quick overhaul haircut.


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Do you have a guy on your Christmas list that would love the SwitchBlade?
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