Supplementing your natural eyebrows is the purpose of microblading, which is nothing short of artistic creation of the tattoo artist who is an expert in producing light wispy hair strokes to create the most natural looking eyebrows.  Although many people call it eyebrow tattoo, it is markedly different from conventional tattoos in that the procedure is almost undetectable when done rightly. The eyebrows done by the artist at The Brow Effect, a beauty salon specialized in eye tattoo, look so natural that people could know about it only if you disclose it. The procedure can last for three years after which the ink fades, and you need to re-touch it for regaining the looks.

Immensely satisfying result

Microblading is costly, but still, people do not mind to spend money on it because what they get in return is much more than what they spend. It is not possible to assign any monetary value to the immense satisfaction you derive from a successful microblading procedure that uplifts your facial beauty and enhances your overall appearance. You look more confident and comfortable because the eyebrows that you have created save you the hassles of looking after it because it does not need any care at all. Even if you scratch your eyebrows, the tattoo remains unaffected because the ink or pigment penetrates under the skin and remain protected. This why microblading is a semi-permanent make up that is much superior to any other methods of eyebrow beautification.

Get back your lost eyebrows

Some medical conditions, like alopecia and medical treatment like chemotherapy, can sometimes erase eyebrows completely. Since re-growing eyebrows are not possible, the only option is to create new eyebrows with microblading that looks completely natural. It will take just a few hours for an experienced and skilled tattoo artist to recreate the eyebrows that give back your original looks or look even better because you can create it in the way you want. The finish is so natural that it appears as if you were born with it. Those who have wispy eyebrows would benefit from microblading.

Immediate result

Recovery time from the microblading process is very fast because you get the result almost as soon as the procedure is over.The microblading process is completely non-invasive as it only requires the application of a small microblading pen to embed pigment into the skin. There are no cuts and bruises, and there is no fear of skin swelling, eyebrow inflammation, or putting on some bandage to aid healing.

Just like many other facial beautification processes, you can walk out from the salon to lead a normal life from the moment you step out.

Often people are inquisitive about how painful the procedure might be, and this is a difficult question to answer. The procedure happens under local anesthesia by numbing the area, but it would be wrong to claim that the process is painless, and it will also not be right to term it painful. Since people have varying degrees of pain threshold level, the feeling of pain would vary from person to person.  Therefore, some feel it very relaxing that make them sleep while some others might feel slight pain, which of course is quite bearable.


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