Like everyone already knows Devon loves all kinds of movies, doesn't matter to him what it is. When I was asked recently to do a review for Ncircle I said yes, because I would be sent a couple of movies.

The first movie im going to talk about is Mike The Knight:Knight In Training. Devon loved this movie he thought it was the greatest thing, laughing and smiling.



Mike is one of the cutest little knights out there, he's learning the ropes on being a knight. He ends up on some knightly missions and learns that things are not always so easy. One of his missions he's looking for something special for his sister's birthday, or he's helping people to find their way home.

And although things don't always go right for Mike, valuable lessons can be learned from his many adventures and mishaps in which Mike tries to ‘right the wrong' and make things better for everyone.

From the creators of Bob The Builder and Lunar Jim, each episode sees our plucky hero taking on missions in the Kingdom of Glendragon with the help of his wizard sister and chums as he tries to be the best knight ever. Mixing entertainment with education (plus some seriously nifty medieval gadgetry), the series features many memorable moments, life lessons and loveable characters that will entertain and enthral young children

This DVD includes five funny episodes, plus bonus music videos and a game.

You can purchase Mike the Knight: Knight in Training DVD at Toys”R”Us, Target, Walmart, Kmart and all other major retailers, or order online at ncircleentertainment.


The nice people at ncircleentertainment  has agreed, to give one of my lucky a copy also. Enter below and good luck.

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  1. My nephew. He would love this!
    Thank you!

  2. Robert Brown says:

    I would watch this with my daughter and nephew.

  3. Robert Brown says:

    This could be great for my friend’s 4-year old son.

  4. Robert Brown says:

    This would be great for my friend’s son.

  5. Robert Brown says:

    I would watch this with my girls.

  6. Robert Brown says:

    I would watch this with my daughters.

  7. Robert Brown says:

    This would be great to watch with my family.

  8. Dawn Keenan says:

    I’d watch this with my grandson. He would love it!

  9. Robert Brown says:

    I would like to watch this with my girls

  10. Robert Brown says:

    This would be so great to watch with my daughters.

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