Recently I had the chance to learn about a company that I have never heard of before. The website is Miles Kimball.  This website has many different items to choose from. Kitchen, household items, office, outdoor, toys, gadgets, cards, kids items, candy and much more. They carry different items for the holidays. The way the site is set up it is easy to navigate and find what you are looking for. It makes it so easy that you will find items you want that you didn't even know they carried.

I had received a Christmas tree ornament for my dog Coco with her name on it. I also had received the hover ball, hide a ball pet and a springform pan with glass bottom. All of these items were great. They also were very good priced. I can't believe I had never ordered from this site before. There are so many household products, toys, gifts, gadgets and decorations to choose from. You can find personalized gifts for birthdays and holidays. One stop shopping ordered from your computer. Shipped to your home. Looking for sale items? They have a sale  category also. just click on the sale tab and all of the items that are on sale will pop up. Shipping was very quick.


The Hover Ball is a gliding indoor soccer ball. The ball slides effortlessly over floors without scuffs or scratches. this ball is not for outdoor use or on concrete flooring.


The Personalized woof ornament. this ornament features a bone, ball, dog house, and food bowl. This beautiful ornament was personalized with my dog Coco's name.

kim 003

The ball pets puppy is another product I had received. This roly-poly ball pet has a secret surprise inside. Pop it open to find Sunny the puppy, ready to snuggle or play.


Springform pan with glass bottom is a non stick aluminum pan with glass bottom heats evenly and features spring action release so cakes come out intact.

For more information click here.

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