This car battery sure has come in handy. My husband has a bigger size one at home but I am sure glad I have this one. I put it in my car and wouldn't you know I already had to use it. And I was alone with the kids in a part of town that I don't know my way around and have never been to before. My husband very patiently showed me how to use this battery charger. My oldest and I attached it to the battery and we all got back in the car and locked the doors while we waited for the battery to charge. We also have used it on our riding lawn mower and other small batteries that it works on. With as much as my husband works I am so glad that there are things that I can do on my own without his help.

PORTABLE CONVENIENTLY SIZED AND ECONOMICAL – Don’t rely on jumper leads or damaging jump starting again. This smart battery charger will take up minimal space in your garage or in a garage drawer or you can take it anywhere to recharge any of your depleted batteries. Ultra compact, portable and lightweight car battery charger allows you to help out elderly family with car battery issues. Very minimal running power costs. Super powerful in a small package.

SIMPLE TO OPERATE WITH BUILT IN INTELLIGENT OPERATING SYSTEM – Simple interface with push button selection of modes. An inexpensive alternative to large complex battery chargers. Use the Sure Charge battery charger to both charge and maintain batteries. Easy to see button light displays. Easy to fit connector of choice. The charger will cease charging once the battery is full and reactivate when the charge depletes.

I really like that it is not as bulky as our other charger and that it fits nicely in the car out of the way and is in a handy place to get to when and if it is needed.

Go online and order your own to have handy when needed.


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