Minimalist Mantra: Eight tips to make your home blissfully bare

House overflowing with stuff? Your mind won’t be too far behind. It can be difficult to get your mind straight when you’re surrounded by mess. By removing all of that extra junk, a minimalist house set-up can make you feel clean and refreshed both inside and out. Here are a few ways to make your house a minimalist heaven.


Start small


Let’s start with the simple stuff. If you’re used to keeping useless clutter, it’s time to get the bin bags out. Make a tour of the house and throw away the things you don’t need or store sentimental items in the attic, basement or garage. You could even sell some of your stuff on ebay or donate to local charities.


Look at yourself


Minimalism takes a bit more thought than you may think. Planning out which direction you’re going to take your house plan is also a big part of the process. Think about where and what you’re going to put your furniture or ornaments so you have a clear idea of the future house. The most important part? Be honest with yourself.




When the decluttering is done, furniture suddenly becomes much more emphasised. We recommend going for a neutral, simple sofa that still maintains a cosy texture. Simple lighting is also a great addition to any minimalist room. If you want to go a little outside the box, a Hangout Pod could be the perfect purchase. With an assembly time in less than ten minutes and cool, sleek design, Hangout Pod Sets will totally transform your indoor space.


Create storage


If you’re trying to craft the perfect minimalist home, effective storage is a must. Whether that’s your TV box or various pots and pans, finding places to put necessary items will help your house look much cleaner. 


Neutral tones


While bright colours definitely have their place in minimalist homes, neutral tones are far and away the most flattering. White shades bring gorgeous light to any room and make the whole space feel bigger. Darker neutral tones such as black or grey can also contrast beautifully with black walls.


Keep an eye on textures


Remember – minimalism doesn’t mean boring. Too many people end up creating homes that appear bland and uninteresting when attempting to clean things up. If you’re worried something’s missing, textures and fabrics can be brought in to add a slice of comfiness to your home. Fluffy fabrics and rugs will give rooms an extra edge and a homliness that can’t be beaten.


Look for inspiration


Struggling for inspiration? There are plenty of places to find ideas both online and offline. Take a browse through some style magazines and find some styles that suit your tastes. There are also plenty of online blogs and social accounts that regularly post interior design ideas. Don’t be afraid to take ideas from others – interior designers do it all the time!


Art attack


Walls looking a little too plain? Investing in some simple artwork could totally transform your room. Adding those small splashes of colour to your walls will add something interesting to your room, while still allowing your furniture to breath.


As the famous saying goes: ‘life is simple, but we insist on making it complicated’. Crafting a house that finds a perfect minimalistic balance will keep your indoor spaces gorgeous and refreshed.


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