I cant believe that its a year ago today that we lost you . You gave us so much love and joy for the 17 years that we had you. You are and always be mamas baby. I remember when I first saw you and I said to papa that I wanted the one with the white paw and he said no. Little did I know you would end up being my valentines day gift. I named you Vicky Valentine and you always bought me nothing but love. Taking care of you every two hours like you were a baby and watching you grow into our precious dog, that we miss so very much. I know you tried to wait for mama but I told daddy to tell you I said it was fine to go to sleep.

Im sorry I wasnt there when you needed me and I love you my precious girl. Mommy and daddy miss you so so much and we will love you always.

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  1. EJ (Jane) says:

    Oh, I’m so very sorry for your loss. The unconditional love joy & companionship our dogs give us is priceless. I can’t help cry, I’ve been there.

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