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Coming from a family that appreciates art and all forms of painting, drawing, sketching, and doodling, we definitely need supplies to make our own art happen. MisterArt has the most funnest things for crafty people like us. Also, since Father’s Day is around the corner, there are things like adhesives, books, brushes, painting kits, and scrapbooking supplies offered, that they can use to create some fun memories of their own.

Acrylic Combo Set

MisterArt has this really neat acrylic combo set, which not just my husband loves, but so do my children. It comes with twelve tubes of acrylic paint. The colors are very vivid and range from the primary colors of yellow, orange, red, blue, green, brown, and blacks. I love it, because acrylic paint is very versatile and can be mixed with water. If you need a thinner color, just add more water. It also allows more layers of paint to be painted on top each other creating a more dynamic look. Even more fun is that the acrylic paint can be used on a variety of painting platforms such as wood, canvas, and paper.

Besides the high quality acrylic paint, there is also a very convenient table easel, as well as a stretched canvas. The easel is adjustable to the size of your canvas and with the turn of a knob can slide up or down. It is a wooden easel that is lightweight and sturdy. The canvas is 24 by 30 centimeters in length, and comes with two filament brushes. One brush size is fourteen while the other size is eight.


I really love that they made the handles long, because I like to dip my brushes in a cup of water to keep them from drying. The longer the handle the easier it is to have something dry to hold onto. Finally there is a tear off palette. There is ten sheets included and it is such an ingenious innovation. My family paints often, and and we use plastic rewash able palettes. It sometimes becomes difficult to wash dry, crusty paint off of them, and takes too much time. With the tear off palette, just rip off the previous page and the next page is ready to go! I really love how convenient that makes for my life. If you are needing ideas on what to paint, In the paint set, there comes a small pamphlet that has step by step instructions on how to paint your own village scenery.

Painting is cathartic and MisterArt makes getting supplies so easy for me.

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