It's About Time That Kids Have Dolls To Play With That Are Of A Mixed Race!

Here we are in the year 2020 and we're finally getting dolls that represent everyone in this world.  It's a little crazy that it's taken this long, but at least it's a start.  My granddaughters play with their dolls and don't even think twice about it.  But for a child of a mixed-race or bi-racial, they don't have anything that looks like they do.  I can't imagine how that must feel.  Thankfully, The Fresh Dolls have come out with an entire line of beautiful, multi-racial figures that everyone is loving.  They sent me their Mia Fashion Doll, Marisol Vivid Fashion Doll, in addition to Strawberry Smoothie Pink Fur Jacket & Dress Doll Fashion Pack, and New Wishing On A Star Red Top & Denim Skirt Doll Fashion Pack.

More Than The Mixed Race

So, yes it's important to have all of the dolls represent all of the races, but there's another important factor when it comes to The Fresh Dolls.  These dolls are all successful working woman and men and their clothes show just that.  There are doctor and nurse scrubs, a white doctor's coat, and many more.  It's about teaching the boys and girls that play with these that they're important in this world!  We, as people, want them to know they should love themselves just the way they are.  Appreciate your curves, gorgeous Latino hair, or even larger hips.  Oh, and they happen to be on Oprah's Favorite Things of 2020!  If that doesn't tell you they're awesome, I don't know what will.

Everyone Is Beautiful

From the beautiful skin tone down to the luscious hair, The Fresh Dolls wanted to make sure everyone was represented.  They've done a great job of that!  Each Fresh Doll is approximately 11.5 inches tall, not including the hair.  They have 9 articulated joints so that kids can give them more realistic movements.  They're for ages 3 and up because of the choking hazard.  Believe it or not, the hair is completely washable!

These wonderful dolls were created by Dr. Lisa to show all children that they're each special in their own way.  Not only that but also to love everything about yourself because there's nobody else like you!

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