As I am aging, I am realizing that the prime of my skin has definitely deteriorated. Signs of dryness, and sagging are becoming too real. My facial skin is very dry and blotchy, my hair is dry, and my neck has more wrinkles than it used to. I feel that it is better now than later to start taking preventative care of my health, more specifically my skin. I need to do something to slow down the aging process. I came across this company, called Modere. They design products that aim to leave out harmful chemicals, such as; siloxanes, triclosan, phthalates, and sodium fluoride just to name a few. In choosing to leave out these controversial ingredients, I feel that my home will be a healthier haven for my family. Their products have earned the EPA Safer Choice label. They even use recyclable packaging for their products. They are very respectful of one's health and the environment, which makes me feel better about using their products.


Modere I/D Anti-Aging System

Because the signs of aging are very obvious in my skin, I needed some kind of system that could help revitalize my skin and significantly restore a more healthy and youthful glow. The Modere I/D Anti-Aging System is a two step system that has an oxygenating gel, the Infusion Revive, and an anti-pollution cream, Defense Protection. I used it daily for the first four days, then every other night. I started to notice more firmness in my skin and more elasticity. The lines around my mouth and wrinkles around my eyes started to appear more smooth. I started to feel that my skin was getting cleaner and more healthy. It made me feel beautiful and happy inside. A plus with this Modere I/D Anti-Aging System, is that it also shields my skin from pollutants. I definitely need less of that in my life!

Glow from Head to Toe Collection:



Repairing Hair Mask
I really love this collection, because I also wanted to have some kind of relief for my hair. Years has made my hair brittle, dull, and damaged. I've tried various conditioners to try and hydrate my hair, but I still feel it was not enough. In this collection, Modere has the Repairing Hair Mask. The mask has a deep blend of natural Crambe seed oil, hydrolyzed plant proteins, and rich Murumuru butter. I could honestly say I felt penetrating moisture in the ends of my hair where I really needed it. My hair was longing to be repaired, and this Repairing Hair Mask was there to fix my hair emergency!


There is always a build up of excess dead skin cells, oil, and dirt on my face. I could see it when I look closely in the mirror and it horrifies me. Thank goodness, Modere also has the Exfoliant. The Exfoliant feels so invigorating, because as I massage it onto my skin's surface, I know that all that nasty dead skin and impurities are being polished away. There are tiny jojoba beads that assist in that cleansing. There is also olive oil and amino acids in the Exfoliant that make my skin feel smooth, and look more luminous as well.


Day Cream Dry Skin
The cold weather definitely does not help my skin. Every time I walk outside, I could feel the cold air stripping the moisture from my skin, leaving it dry, flaky, and vulnerable. My skin definitely needs some tender loving care. With that said, I really love, the Day Cream Dry Skin Restore. I enjoying applying this liberally on my face and neck each morning before I go outside. I love its scent of sandalwood, pear fruit, and hibiscus flower. The Day Cream Dry Skin Restore combines anti-aging peptides and soothing, moisture-replenishing natural extracts, that turn my parched skin into an oasis of smooth, luminous beauty.


Night Cream Dry Skin
Just because the day is over, the beauty regiment shouldn't end. At night, I also use the Night Cream Dry Skin Restore. I feel like its such a treat, because I am pampering myself with this refreshing cream of cool cucumber and other key ingredients that revitalize my skin while I sleep.

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