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How to Modernise Your Home on a Budget


Our homes are at the centre of everything we do, they are our primary hub for our family lives and as such it is important we give them the attention and care they desperately require. Renovating your house interior can sometimes feel unnecessary, especially when you’re focused upon it being a home and not an investment. However, updating and modernising your abode is a great way of injecting new life into a tired interior and therefore creates a more welcoming and enjoyable environment to live in. Modernisation doesn’t have to be expensive, and in some ways you need do only little improvements to see a dramatic change.


Textiles and Fabrics


The fabrics that adorn our homeware, whether it be the cushions on our chairs or the duvet sets in our bedrooms, all have an impact on the overall feel of our living space; if our accessories are worn and dated, our home appears it too. By simply refreshing the textiles dotted throughout your house, you can add a much more contemporary atmosphere to each room. In-keeping with modern interior design, light crisp, bright colours are a great way to create an airy feel that transforms your home from drab to elegant, and it isn’t an overtly costly means of altering your property.


Invest in New Furniture


Despite being restricted by a budget, investing in a few chosen new pieces of furniture shouldn’t be overlooked; even if you prefer upcycling, choosing to replace one item of furniture will make a prominent difference. As our beds are one of the most used objects within our homes, it makes sense to focus on replacing that above all else, after all, they suffer the most wear over time. Introducing the ultimate modern item like a TV bed is a simple way to modernise your residence; respected stores such as Bedstar have plenty of options to choose from, though  you’ll need bigger sheets for one of these king size beds.


Introduce Contemporary Art


Hanging modern art on the walls is a convenient means of upgrading your decor with little effort or hassle. Whether you choose to accompany an existing fashionable theme, or wish to contrast with a traditional design, present-day art will completely revamp your rooms. To ensure the art doesn’t look out of place, it is wise to choose colours that complement one another. For example, if you have flashes of green running throughout your carpets, opting for similar shades or even blues in the art you hang will bring the whole room together.


Redecorate the walls


In a similar vein to introducing new art, refreshing your home with a new paint scheme is one quick and cost effective way to modernise your home. While you can simply reuse the same colour and still receive that updated finish, including a pop of new colour that is striking and bold can add a contemporary edge to the living space. Alternatively, you can decide upon a 3D wallcover or wallpaper instead to add some tactile depth to a part of your home that normally remains flat.