Modifications To Consider on Your Electric Bike

As more people are grabbing onto the idea of investing in an electric bike, they’re considering different modifications, accessories, and upgrades. Modifying is an excellent way to customize the bike to your lifestyle and riding needs and tailor the experience to fulfill your goals. Here is an excellent list of beginning modifications you can consider after buying an e-bike.

Improve Safety With Better Lighting

Adding a set of lights to the front and back of your bike's frame is a great way to improve its safety. This can enable you to enjoy a night ride or enhance visibility in inclement weather. You can also consider adding a light to your helmet to contribute to the added safety measures and lighting.

Beef Up the Tires

Depending on the bike you invested in, you may already have fat tires. Electric bikes for sports or mountain ranges will almost always have a tire suitable for that environment. But you can consider adding a set of fat tires if you don't have them. The benefit of a fat tire modification is that it can help your bike increase its tread and improve its overall functionality.

Invest in a New Battery

The battery your bike comes with is suitable for that specific bike. But you may find that your riding style requires additional batteries or a battery with more power. The batteries are removable for charging, so having an extra one on hand or a heavier duty option can optimize your overall user experience. A commute to the grocery store can evolve into an extended adventure on a scenic route.

Add a Basket for Things

Adding a basket to store things can increase your bike's functionality and safety. By not having stuff in odd places or trying to balance an unexpected purchase on the handlebars, you can commute to the store or run errands without worrying about where the items will go. Additionally, it's a great way to store extra clothing and shoes if you ride your bike to work or the gym every day.

Final Thoughts

Making upgrades and modifications for your electric bike is about the experience. Try not to stress yourself out about what to do and focus on your individual riding needs. A good rule of thumb is to ride your bike for several weeks to determine what you want to modify.

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