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Moisturize Your Intimate Areas

Attention Ladies – If You Moisturize Your Intimate Areas Vaginal Dryness Can Be A Thing Of The Past

Intimate dryness isn't something that many women like to talk about, but I'm here to say it's time!  This can cause us stress because I know from first hand, it's not fun to experience.  Not only will it make intercourse painful, but it's also not good for our vaginal health.   Believe it or not, it was made to stay moist.  That's where FemmePharma comes into the picture.  They sent me their Trial Pack that includes 1 tube of Mia Vita Gel, 5 Mia Vita Swabs, and 3 Mia Vita Personal Lubricant & Moisturizer (3 applicators).  I'm actually pretty excited to try this out!  If you have the same issues, please come on this journey with me.

Our Intimate Areas Need Love

Most of us just take our showers and wash with some “fancy” vaginal-friendly soap and think that we've done what's needed.  Unfortunately, that doesn't cut it for some of us.  I'm happy for those that don't have these issues, but it's not something I'd wish on anyone.  It's such a weird, terrible feeling.  However, after using a couple of the items FemmePharma sent to me I couldn't believe the difference.  It's not only about having intercourse, even though that's a big part of it.  I can't describe the good feeling you get when you know your intimate areas are comfortable at last.  I'm sorry if that doesn't make sense to some, maybe to others it will.

We're Used To Taking Care Of Other Skin, Right?

Why do we wash our faces, use our toner, lotions, etc. on our face, but seem to ignore “her”?  We have to quit doing this if we want better vaginal health.  Not only will it make you feel better when you're moisturized down there, but it actually protects your vagina!  The lubricant and moisturizer not only hydrate, but it will actually help with pain and itching too.  This can actually be used internally, but not to be confused with the Intimate Skin Moisturizer because that's to be used externally only.  As long as you read the directions you'll be just fine.

I wanted to put exclamation marks after every sentence in this post because I want to shout it from the rooftops to take care of our vagina's!  I hope you're listening.  Please go and check out FemmePharma and love your intimate areas.

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