I love being unique and different. To me it’s like a fun little secret when I get to dress a little more artsy and fun even though I am the only one who knows. Whether it be socks or underwear, just it having fun colors or patterns gives me a natural happiness. I am right brained and these simple pleasures are uplifting to me. There is the company Mojja based in Canada that actually provides such high end products that cross off each part of the checklist I am looking for.

Subscription Options

Mojja offers premium and quality. They cater to those who enjoy comfiness and durability in their products. These products are stylish and unique in designs. They currently carry soft socks and boxer briefs that can be sold individually or as part of a monthly subscription. They have a subscription club that offers socks, boxer briefs, panties, and also a combination of boxer briefs and socks.

Funky Prints

The prints are so fun and funky! Prints come in all colors and shapes. You can expect variations such as argyle, bats, bicycle, birds, cherries, and cacti just to name a few. As part of the sock subscription club, you can receive some pretty stylish and crazy socks inside your mailbox every month! Options are flexible, as they can be for children of either gender, or for men and women. 

Avocado Socks

I find the avocado blue crew socks from Mojja hilarious! My family loves avocados. In fact my parents have an avocado tree in their backyard, so we always find ways to enjoy them. Right now we are on a high fat diet, and avocados are our go to snacks. So actually finding an avocado printed sock was hilarious. My children love the idea of it and so do I! The sock is primarily blue with various colors, consisting of green, yellow, and brown. It is very soft and stretchy. I love how comfy it feels in shoes. The socks are airy so they allow the sweat to dry from my feet. It’s probably, because it is 60 percent cotton and 30 percent polyester, as well as 7 percent spandex, and 3 percent elastane. I would recommend to hang these up to dry so they don’t get ruined in the dryer.

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