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Bath Bombs for Mom because She Deserves it

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Using bath bombs are so fun! To my shock though, bath bombs aren’t all created equal. Some bath bombs stain tubs. Others do not leave my skin feeling soft nor smelling good after a bath. Scents fade too quickly and the enjoyment of long lasting fresh scent is just not there. Big box stores sell bath bombs, but it doesn’t mean that they are of great quality. Nonetheless, the R & R I craved was pretty uneventful. I had the pleasure of trying some bath bombs from MomBomb for moms and they make all the difference in creating quality bath bombs that I get excited and look forward to using.

Gift Box Set For Her

MomBomb makes amazingly scented bath bombs that come in a fancy gift box with a pretty ribbon. When you open the box a wonderful explosion of scent hits your senses. Anyone would absolutely agree that this is the ultimate gift set for a truly deserving mom. The bath bombs are natural but the quality is really top notch. MomBombs are comprised of organic argan oil and essential oils. My skin feels so soft and smells so great after bathing with MomBomb. Because the bath bombs are natural, there aren’t any foul after scents or oily residue left on my skin. My skins feels very moisturized and silky with the overall purpose of MomBomb bath bombs.

Scents that are Amazing

I feel like Mom Bombs are great for anyone who needs a pick me upper, but definitely for moms who are truly deserving to have a moment to relax and unwind with some pretty amazing bath scents. In the MomBomb Luxury box set, each bomb gave me a really intimate bathing experience. I felt inspired by the sweet aromas of vanilla and caramel in one bomb. My favorite in another, was that mix of lavender and lemon. However, I did enjoy the strawberry scented bomb, because I felt like I was in a field of fresh berries.  I love how these bath bombs are cruelty free, because no one wants to exploit any animals. Also, MomBombs gives five-dollars from each box they sell to a charity that helps mothers in need. I love that they are transparent where the money goes to so you can feel good about supporting their business. 

Find out more about this amazing company and their bombs  at Mom Bomb | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter