12714022_10205883383907823_1077265461_nWhen you find out you are pregnant it is a very happy moment. Then it hits you that you do not know much about prelacy and birth but, what you hear your friends talk about. I remember when I was pregnant I had made my appointment for lamas classes but, never made it as i ended up in the hospital. My friend recently found out she was pregnant and I started reading The Mommy MD Guide to pregnancy and birth. this book has so much information. From letting you know what to expect in body changes to routine tests. There are tips and stories in this book from not only mothers but doctors which may have different opinions. Some of the stories in this book matched my story. You are not the only mommy to be with questions.


The second book is Your baby’s first year. when you bring your baby home from the hospital there is no manual telling you haw to take care of them and what to expect. This book is filled with over 900 tips from over 70 doctors that are also parents themselves. Included in this book are tips to help daily challenges and celebrations throughout your baby’s first year. This book covers breastfeeding, sleeping, diapers, vitamins, introducing a sip cup to even tantrums. Not ever baby or parent is the same. It is nice to read and learn what other mothers think about the same situation. You take what you want from it that best fits you. I was pleasantly surprised on anything I had a question about was gone over in this book. These books are a great read.

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