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Mommy Needs a Time Out!

Who couldn’t use some time for themselves?  Nothing like when all the kids are in bed and it’s “me” time.  What is more relaxing than sitting on your couch or favorite chair with a nice glass of wine? You always give your kids time outs, why not take a Mommy time out for yourself!


Mommy’s Time Out Wine is here for you.  The name itself says it all.  Mommy needs a time out sometimes, and there is nothing better than this wine to help you accomplish that.

imag01685 has five different varieties of Mommy’s Time Out to choose from: Delicious Pink, Delicious Red, Garganega Pinot Grigio, Moscato, and Rosso Primitivo.  I had the Pinot Grigio wine, and it was very good.  A little fruity, not dry, and very light.  It is crisp with no bitter aftertaste like some other white wines I have tried.  They say it would be good with chicken and fish too, but personally I like my wine by itself to unwind after a long day.  

Mommy’s Time Out definitely fits the bill.  Just the name itself tells me this is my time to unwind and have a few moments to enjoy by myself.  It calms me down after a long day and relaxes me to have a nice glass of wine.  I am very picky when it come to wine also because I do not like dry wine at all and have been disappointed quite often when I take my first sip and it is too dry for my liking.  The fruity taste is not overpowering but gives it a very nice taste and smell for those who smell their wine before drinking it (I know I always smell it, I don’t know why I do but I always needs to smell before I taste so I know the smell is very nice and has a hint of almond smell too!).


Take the time out for yourself or better yet what a great gift for the woman in your life who needs a time out every now and then!  Show them you appreciate them and you know that they need to take some time for themselves every once in a while.   Go check out and get some Mommy’s Time Out in your favorite flavor (or try all of them!) or check out all the other products they have to offer.


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