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The Monthly Coloring Club

The Monthly Coloring Club is so exciting to subscribe to! I'm a mom and I face a daily influx of stress due to raising a family. I need an outlet to release that stress and ground myself again. What I discovered was that coloring actually brings me peace and helps me forget the every day struggles that I face. I realized that coloring has becoming a passion of mine. Coloring is not just for children, it's actually a meaningful past time for adults too.

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Themed Coloring Books

I received the Weather Coloring Book from the Monthly Coloring Club. It's a fun book filled with whirls, snowflakes, clouds, rain drops, and other fun weather related sceneries. There are various other themes to choose from. The drawings are exciting and do not give the dull details that make coloring a boring task. Did you know that you can actually choose a coloring plan from the club? You can ask for a one month, six month, or twelve month plan. There are no obligations, and you can cancel anytime. Shipping is free. The coloring packs are shipped every twentieth of the month. All you have to do is choose which type of theme you want, then relax and color it!

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Fun Pages That Aren't Boring

Coloring for me has become fun again. The pages reel me in and make me feel like I am on vacation. Pages are printed on one sided card stock. There is always a cute inspirational quote printed at the top right of every page. The pages lie flat, so your markers won't poke through the pages. On the upper left side of the page, there is a gratitude question printed. I love that the pages make me think of something positive to affirm in my life while I am coloring. All those fun gel pens and markers that I have been collecting can actually have purpose again. On the bottom left is a positivity question, such as “What was your highlight of today?”. Then I can also write my name on a space left on the bottom right of the coloring page.

Limited Edition

I love that the coloring books that are made every month are actually limited edition. The Monthly Coloring club uses different artist every month which makes it easy for everyone so no one every gets bored. The coloring pages are rated with a nine plus therapeutic value, which means that you become more happy. If you sign up for a monthly subscription, you can save twenty percent off.


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