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The Moodsters


I want to introduce you to five of the cutest and lovable detectives! They use their special skills and detective gear to help guide your kids through this crazy emotional rollercoaster called childhood. There are so many different feelings. Happy, sad angry, afraid and love. All feeling are okay but they are confusing at times. These five detectives help solve the mysteries of all your moods.

LOLLY is the six time world champion cuddle champion. As she says, When in doubt, hug it out!

SNORF sometimes has a good cry. This helps make him feel better. Pardon his puddles. It's tear time!

COZ is super happy! He likes to dance and celebrate. When he is really happy he does his crazy happy dance.

RAZZY is the angry one of the bunch. It's ok to feel angry sometimes. When he gets mad he stomps his feet and sometimes he blows his top! But he takes a deep breath and relaxes. Then he is razzy-ma-tazzy and ready to roll.

QUIGLY is the nervous and scared guy. He can be shy when he meets new people. When he gets scared sometimes he wants to hide. But he knows even if he is scared on the inside he still has courage. So just be brave.

Moodsters Notebook & Crayons Set

The Moodsters

A new creative tool to help kids express how they are feeling. You get five jumbo crayons – one for each emotion. A 50 sheet notebook that your kids can draw and color about their feelings. While the kids are coloring their feelings the notebook offer strategies to help them deal with them.

Moodsters Quigly Plush Sound & Activity Book

The Moodsters

Quigly says ” Even when I'm scared, I still have courage inside!” I love Quigly he is so cute and soft. He says 7 different phrases and lets your child know that fear is ok. You get a stick activity book along with Quigly. I love everything about these toys. Kids need to know that all of their feeling are okay. Even if you are mad or sad that it will be ok.

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