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Mead you were Looking for but didn’t Realize

Mead for the Class

I enjoy drinking a delicious home brew. Especially from someone who is passionate about making them and creating the best flavors. Being a grown up means appreciating the finer flavors and relaxing with something truly delectable at the end of a hard day. Moonlight Meadery is recognized for being New England’s best mead maker. With them I know I can get the quality mead I was hoping for.

Uses Organic Honey when Brewing

Moonlight Meadery uses certified organic honey when they brew. If you have not tasted a glass of their bottles, you are missing out on a drink with aromas of honey, and freshly pressed cider. Thank goodness they do not add sulfites, sorbets, or other processed flavors. I like how their drinks do not have a foul aftertaste. One of my favorite flavors is their Little Apples. This one is a light crisp cider. It comes in a sixteen ounce can and has about six and a half percent of alcohol. 

Top Picks in their class

Another one of my favorites is the Razz What She Said. These come in a twelve ounce can and has a smooth sweet balance. It has flavors rich in raspberry and honey. I love its sparkle and pink head.

Desire this Bottle

What makes Moonlight Meadery among the best is their Desire Bottle. This bottle has won the gold in the Fruit Mead category. To me, it taste like a perfect night. Closing my eyes, I can appreciate the flavors of blueberries, black cherries, black currants, and honey. I like to pair this drink with my sharp cheddar cheese cubes and some milk chocolates. This one has fourteen percent alcohol, just enough to unwind but not too much that you fall asleep.

Find out more about these delicious meads at Moonlight Meadery