When we decided we wanted a new coffee maker, I did so much research on it. I came across Terra Kaffe, this is more them the coffee makers we are all use too. Not only can you make regular coffee you can make espresso and cappuccino too.  This machine is so easy to use, and its all lit up on the front to show you all the coffees you can make and more.

Terra Kaffe


If you like me you spend more gas and money, heading out to get that cappuccino your craving badly. What if I told you that, this machine can make that and so much more. This is not only a coffee machine, its an espresso maker and a cappuccino maker. All of this and more, you can also make your americano coffee too.


What I love is that its simple to use and shows you when you need water and if it's full to empty the grinds. Customization – easy to adjust parameters for each drink.  With bean-to-cup espresso machines, you can keep the process simple and clean, Nothing says a good cup of coffee, like one freshly brewed with beans, the smell is endless.

It brews a full range of espresso drinks (cappuccinos, lattes and more) with all features from milk, to bean grind, temperature, to water firmness all customizable to the user. Built with an elegant operation and European design in mind.

For me its simple enough for me to use, without any issues, it lets you know when its cleaning and when there is low water, Single-serving drinks ready at the push of a button, not only is this machine everything you can want and more it's unique looking. The TK-01 offers hassle-free, automated cleaning to fit your schedule.

All drink parameters are fully-customizable to make the perfect cup.


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