So you suffer neck and shoulder pain, and just do not want to be bake to do something from home.  For me having something that is easy to use , and does not cost me so much money. This Shiatsu massager byTrumedic  is a really cleverly designed product that has definitely been helping me to relieve the tension and discomfort.

The massager cord plugs into one of the two included adapters, which can be used to plug the product into either a standard home power outlet or a car charging outlet. There is a panel along one of the front straps with four buttons used to control the massager. These include a simple on / off button, a button to turn on and off the key element, a button to change the direction of the bowl rotation, and finally an option of three different rotation speeds. And what's really great about this is you can adjust it and put it where the pain is.


Benefits of the InstaShiatsu Plus:

Shiatsu massage has been found to help with sleep, relaxation, circulation, pain relief and blood pressure

Features of the InstaShiatsu Plus:

Versatile massager with multiple settings allowing for a customized massage that delivers the most-effective pain relief:
Adjust placement of the massager to target all areas of the body
Modify intensity of the massager by applying lighter or firmer pressure to the wrist supports
Change the direction of the massager whenever desired, or use the auto-reverse function
Select the heat setting for extra comfort and relaxation
Cordless unit makes it easy to use the massager at home, in the office or on the go
Internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery holds enough power for hours of use

Love the way you can get a full message, in your own house.  Place it on you upper back, buttocks, thigh, neck, arm, lower back, feet, or shoulders and feel it work all the stress away. This is great and I love using it on my neck and shoulders.  The rotating knobs are in sets of FOUR in each side. Two big ones and two small ones. This makes this device a continuous massaging device for every bit of rotation. It deep massages with the big rolls and light massages with the small ones.

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