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More Then A Security Blanket

When my sister in law, was fighting her cancer for the third time, I noticed the blanket she always had with her.  Healing Thoughts Throw Blanket, this was her comfort blanket, when times would get worse, and the days she would go for her treatments.  She told me that it was  Super soft, anti-pilling, easy machine washable, cuddly fleece, and made her feel safe and warm.

There are words of encouragement on this blanket. Warm Hugs, Calm, Healing Vibes, Serenity, Bravery, Much Love, Zest For Life, Positive Thoughts, Encouragement, Laughter, Prayer, Courageous, Support, Peace, Comfort, You’re Amazing, Here For You, Tranquility, Loving Hugs, Healing Energy, You’re Admired, Well Wishes, Heroic, Peaceful, Hope, Strong, Persevere, Courage, Fun, Finish The Fight, Spirit, and Rows of Throw, did just this. Made a blanket that can be purchased on Amazon in tow colors. This has a big meaning to me, knowing they helped my sister in law through some hard times. until she just couldnt fight any more.

Perhaps someone you love has been ill, and you wanted to be there with them, but couldn’t. Can you imagine how wonderful it would feel to be wrapped up in a soft blanket, in a healing color, with wonderfully encouraging words? You could feel the warmth of the message, the positive healing thoughts and colors and be reminded every day that people care about you. Give a gift that will out last flowers and allow you to have the comfort in knowing you are wrapping someone up in good thoughts and a warm hug each and every day. This is a color that recharges our spirits during times of mental stress and tiredness, alleviating feelings of loneliness. You only have to focus on the color teal and you feel instant calm and gentle invigoration, ready to face the world again!


She was our fighter, three times with breast cancer and the last, it was spreading too fast. This blanket speaks loud for all the ladies in our lives, who have fought and won and the ones who could not anymore. Send the perfect get well cancer gift after surgery or for use during chemo treatments.

Whats great about this blanket, With every purchase, one throw blanket is donated to someone in need of healing hugs. 

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