Most Common Issues with E-learning and their Alternatives

E-learning is the latest wave of education. However, unlike many other electronic means of doing things, it is not gaining as much ground as is expected. 


This is as a result of the challenges most students face when using e-learning platforms. In this article, we will be discussing some of the most common issues with e-learning and ways to overcome them.

Some Common Issues E-learners face Include:

Technical Issues

This is often caused by poor internet connection. Most courses require strong internet connections and what using a slow and weak connection would mean for the student is the fact that he/she would lag behind in classes. In some cases, technical issues can be attributed to the low quality of computers being used or lack thereof. The only way around this is the proper understanding of the nature of the course you want to study using an e-learning platform and technical requirements needed for the course.


Adaptability Struggle

Some students just find the transition process from learning in a traditional classroom with an instructor they can see to a computer-based training difficult. And this would make the experience different for them. The student with the traditional mindset would definitely prefer passive listening and note taking to online discussions.

A way around this is by making the students understand the benefits of e-learning. Having them discuss it with their friends may help change their mindset and help them get properly equipped for online classes.

There is the option of getting help. For instance, you can get online math help and help in any other subject whatsoever.

Computer Literacy

You would think that this should not be an issue in the 21st Century. But the truth is that while most students are tech-savvy and can manage hardware very well, the inability to operate basic programs like Microsoft Word and Powerpoint can cause a huge problem.   

The only way around this is by teaching the students basic computer courses to enhance their literacy. This would help them interact and participate in online classes without any interruptions or hindrances.

Time Management

Online courses require a lot of time and intensive work. Students who have issues with managing time effectively may have issues. The simple way around this is employing the use of a regular schedule planner. It would be of immense help to the students as they can even set reminders for their assignments.


In the midst of all these problems, the enthusiasm to continue with distance learning courses may wane over time. This is why many students nurse the idea of giving up on these courses and even go-ahead to do it. This is also why Self-Motivation is a very important requirement in e-learning. It is important that students find the motivation necessary to follow this new educational trends as they do not seem to be going away anytime soon.

It is only with a positive mindset that they can overcome the challenges posed by eLearning. It is only when these challenges are breezed past that the students can reap the benefits of e-learning in the future.


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