Most Common Myths Surrounding Porta Potties

We have all seen and probably all used portable bathrooms, and many of us feel strongly about the experience. You pull into your event, and the nearest restroom happens to be a porta-potty. Now what? Don’t panic! There are many myths surrounding their use and function, and we’re here to help debunk these to make your next experience more enjoyable. Whether you're holding an event, or work on a construction site, you can click here to find a porta-potty rental service that will supply you with your toilet facility needs. 

Myth: Portable Restrooms Are Ugly

A permanent restroom facility is usually more appealing than a porta potty. But not all porta potties are created equal, and many of them are not ugly at all. Some events and event hosts invest time and money in their portable facilities to ensure they are clean, comfortable, and accommodating to every guest. Many event hosts nowadays are turning to luxury restroom trailers that feature countless modern benefits, from full-functioning plumbing to attractive design elements.

Myth: Porta Potties Are Unsanitary

Porta potties from the old days may certainly have been less than pleasant to use in terms of sanitation. But today, they boast many similarities to permanent facilities. Some units have flush capabilities, and those that don’t flush can still keep undesirable elements out of view. With the increase in portable restroom facilities that feature seat covers, hand sanitizer, and handwashing stations, the unsanitary factor gets thrown out the window.

Myth: There Are No Washing-Up Facilities

It’s not uncommon to think you won’t be able to wash your hands after using a porta potty. But almost all portable restrooms come with a hand sanitizer unit built into the structure. And space permitting, there can be a foot pump sink to thoroughly wash hands with soap and water, to combat the sanitization issue is using the event space’s permanent facility to wash your hands while using the porta potty to skip the lines.

Myth: Porta Potties Ruin Formal Events

A formal event will most likely mean the guests in attendance are dressed appropriately and don’t have any desire to ruin their clothes or aesthetic. Some folks think that the appearance of porta potties will tarnish the appearance of the formal event. We can easily debunk this myth because large events—especially those that are held, at least in part, outdoors—will require significant restroom accommodations that are appropriate for formally dressed visitors , and dedicated hosts will invest in luxury portable bathrooms to meet the needs of these guests.

Myth: You Only Need One Portable Restroom

One of the most common myths surrounding porta potties is that you only need one to ensure accommodations are made. But this is false. There is a standard rule of thumb for guests in attendance in accordance with the number of porta potties available. Indeed, you would only need one portable restroom for an event of 25 guests. But this number will increase every 25 guests after that.

  • 1-25 guests = one porta potty
  • 26-50 guests = two porta potties
  • 51-75 guests = three porta potties

It can be challenging to change your mindset about using a porta potty. But hopefully, with these debunked myths, you feel more comfortable using a portable restroom regardless of event type or location. Remember, everyone’s goal is the same when visiting the restroom!

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