Nowadays, there is such a broad range of sunglasses to choose from. It's hard to even imagine all the styles, brands, and designs existing in today's fashion world. This being said, choosing a pair or two add to your collection may be difficult with all the options.

You can find all sorts of sunglasses in stores and online, making your range of choice seem even more endless. Searching for what you like is possible with companies like Great Southern Sunnies who specialize in sunglasses for you. You'll be able to find what works best just for you.


But what style is right for you? Maybe you don't like one style or something isn't trendy. You can't be caught wearing boring sunglasses.


With all the options available, you'll be able to find these trendy styles everyone will love to wear.

1. Sunglasses Style

You'll want to make sure your sunglasses style is on point with today's fashion trends. Extra large lenses are extremely popular nowadays, especially with aviators and cat-eye style glasses.


90's style sunglasses have been coming back into trend these days too. If you're not into the wide framed style glasses, these are a great option to choose.

2. Shape & Frame

If you're looking for a retro twist for your sunglasses, but also have to wear prescription glasses too, clip-on sunglass pieces are perfect for you! Specifically, metallic clip-ons are what you need for that retro and trendy style everyone is trying to achieve.


Both round frames and square frames popularized in other eras are also coming back into style as well. Each shape will fit different face shapes better than others, so make sure you get the right shape for you.


Want something not so typical with your sunglasses frame? Wired frames aren't considered nerdy or for old people anymore. They're gaining popularity exponentially and look great on almost everyone!

3. Seeing Colors

Colored lenses are all the rage this year and it's not difficult to see why. The colored lenses are aesthetically pleasing and can really pull an outfit together. Warm colors, such as red and orange, add a more mysterious and sexy vibe to your look. Not only this, even sunglasses with pink lenses are known to alleviate the aesthetic appeal as well as reduce eye fatigue and keep your vision clear all day long.


Colored frames are on the rise as well, although it's more of a lack of color. White and black frames are simple, yet bold, statement pieces. Even tortoiseshell patterned frames pop when you wear them. You'd think such simple and basic sunglasses wouldn't make such an impact, but they do.


Sunglasses are made to keep the sun from blinding you on a sunny day. You might just throw on an old pair that are worn out and don't match your outfit. It's time to invest in a new pair or even a couple pairs. Style shouldn't have to be sacrificed for convenience. You can easily have both without any issues, not even money! You can find some trendy and cheap sunglass perfect for you and your style. However, we do recommend looking into high quality sunglasses so they last a long time and add more comfort value in what's protecting your eyes.

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