Exercise itself can be fun and invigorating; it’s the lead up to the workout that tends to be the hard part! Pushing yourself to put on those sneakers and get to the gym, or lift those weights, or simply go for a run around the neighborhood can feel like a huge effort. We all know that exercise is great for us, but getting started can be tough! Here are some top tips for getting into a good exercise routine when it’s the last thing you feel like doing.


Look ahead


Sure, you may feel tired now, but odds are when you finish that workout session you’ll feel energized and way more positive about your day. Try not to focus on the exercise itself but on how you’ll feel after you finish, and look forward to that moment. “Looking ahead” should also be taken to mean that you should remember what will happen a few years down the line if you don’t exercise!



Monitor yourself


It always helps to know what you’re achieving when you work out. If you have a smartphone, there will be tons of apps available that you can download to help track your fitness and diet. Download one and start logging your workouts – some apps will even monitor your heart rate and tell you how many calories you’re burning. Set goals for yourself and keep track of your progress- you’ll be amazed by how quickly you’ll see improvements in your fitness.


Mix things up


Is the thought of a long run on the treadmill filling you with dread? Exercise doesn’t have to be boring and monotonous. If you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, try something different instead. Join a dance class or a sports team and find something active to take part in that you genuinely enjoy doing.



Get rid of the bodily problems stopping you


What you probably need is more energy, because most people simply feel too tired to get into a good exercise regime! That means you need to make sure you get enough sleep every night and that you eat a good diet filled with protein and a healthy amount of fat. If you have particular pains or discomforts, then see a doctor and see if you can get those sorted out. Using items such as compression socks can help ease certain aches, allowing you to exercise in a safer manner. Basically, get rid of that fatigue and discomfort – otherwise, you may find yourself blocked from a good exercise regime for way too long!


Team up with a friend


It’s a lot easier to get up and head to the gym when you’ve agreed to meet a friend there and don’t want to let them down. Find a fitness buddy who’s also committed to getting in shape and make a schedule together. It’s a lot easier to commit to something when there’s another person involved.



Sign up for a race


Need serious motivation to get moving again? Sign yourself up for a race or half-marathon, depending on your current level of fitness, and set yourself a clear goal of where you’d like to be before then. This way you’re making a real commitment to yourself that you’ll be training and getting fit and strong before your race day deadline.

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