Motorola MBP33 baby monitor. As a mother I have had several baby monitors. I  love how technology has brought us to be able to see our little angels and make sure they are safe. When you have an infant it is frightening when your little one sleeps longer then usual. I remember going in my sons room when he was an infant and checking to see if he was still breathing. This monitor makes it easier to see your little one and zoom in to see if they are ok.
The screen is nice and big – 2.8″ of full color plus night vision. It’s big enough to set on the counter and see from the table 3 or 4 feet away, and big enough that I really can see what’s going on in Zachary's crib at all times. The detail on this screen is fantastic.
It zooms! As a new mother, I’ll admit there were a few times that Zachary  slept longer than I was expecting and I would have took full advantage of the zoom function (to ensure he was still breathing). You are able to zoom in far enough to see his little chest rising and falling.

There is a room temperature reading right on the display of the parent unit. It’s really convenient to be able to see if that  rear  window is really cooking Zachary's room, or if I need to turn the heat up a bit in the middle of the night. The temperature reading is perfect for that.
Data encryption. Need I say more? It’s just great having that piece of mind that the security feature is there and I’m the only one who can see my little boy.
There are five lullabies built in, which you can play in your child’s room from your parent unit, as well as a built in mic.
The range on this thing is phenomenal. It claims 200 meters, which I definitely believe.my husband and I tested it even further, walking down the street to see how far we got. I ended up turning around before I found the end of the range! And if you do go too far, there is an alert to let you know. For more information click here.


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