Recently I was given the chance to do a review on the Motorola MBP36s Remote wireless video baby monitor.  I have had several different kinds of baby monitors. They have come a long way. This baby monitor is great. The baby monitor has a 3.5 inch color LCD screen. Infrared night vision, and remote camera pan, tilt and zoom. Crystal clear two way audio and room temperature display.

This monitor works great. I have had monitors that pick up other people phone conversations, or people on cb's.  The picture is so clear in the day and at night. You can hear any sounds in the room. I love that you can pan, tilt and zoom without going into the room. With the old cameras you were never able to see the baby anymore when they rolled or crawled to the other side of the crib. You would have to try to sneak into the room trying not to disturb the baby. Now you can do it right from the monitor.
I like the fact that it is small and not bulky. Easy to use. Very clear picture and sound. You can also buy extra cameras to go in other rooms. So you don't have to have different monitor systems around the has. You can just add to this monitor. Give you a piece of mind knowing you can see your little one.  No more sneaking up the stairs and trying to open that creeky door and hearing the floor squeak while trying to fix the camera so you can make sure little angel is ok and sleeping peacefully. Watch them dream and you can be more peaceful. For more information click here.


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