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When my sisters children were babies she would always go and check on them, even though she had the baby moniter . Nothing could ease her mind and she would make sure they were breathing and alright. I am sure all moms do that.

It comes with the camera, the monitoring unit, the audio unit, and 2 movement sensors. The sensors are fairly big so they cover a good area. It was easier to set up than it was to unpack. It comes in two boxes and everything is individually wrapped. It's shipped very securely in the packaging that it comes in

When I was asked to do this review I thought this would be great for Kelly to use in Devons room, so that she can keep her eye on him and make sure hes fine.   Without having to go in his room. This way she can keep her eye on him and have a piece of mind that hes safe and sound, when we are down stairs and hes in his room all she needs to do is put the moniter on.

And the best thing about this is you can talk to your children from the monitor, so if Devons upset and crying Kelly can just talk to him and make him feel better. It constantly tells us how he is just by looking at it. Something she said should of been around when they were babies.

We hooked up the Binatone Babysence so that she could tell when he was moving about in his sleep. This is great because a new parent will be able to tell if the baby is moving or if the movement has slowed , and you can go in the room and check.  There is a alarm that sounds if there is something going on. Peace of mind.

This is great for Kelly now she can sleep and know if something happens she will be alerted. The Motorola Video Baby Monitor & Binatone Movement Monitor Bundle Pack is a convenient  way to make sure that baby is always safe and sound.

The convenient two-way communication feature allows you to communicate without
being in the same room. This video monitor also showcases a 2.4” full color LCD screen and
infrared night vision for keeping an eye on things in very low light levels.
The Binatone Babysense 5s Movement Monitor constantly monitors your sleeping baby’s
movements, alerts you if movements stop or become irregularly slow, and gives you peace
of mind that you’ll always know if your baby needs you.


-Auditor and visual (red light) alarm is activated if movements stop or become irregularly slow.
-Two highly sensitive sensors cover the entire crib area without touching baby.
-Suitable for infants from birth
-Easy one-button activation
-The passive sensors are totally safe and emit no radiation of any kind


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