Vaping has already overpowered the world of smokers and replaced the tobacco cigarettes with sophisticated and modern vaping devices. Switching over to vaping, people seek to find extended pleasure and a much safer and convenient alternative for the nicotine intoxication.

The popularization of this practice has resulted in innovation of variety of devices and developing of vaping styles, therefore becoming a modern people lifestyle. Assuming that you are not familiar with the vaping styles, maybe you need a little more education on the subject. So, let’s take it from the very beginning.


Vaping is a practice of inhaling a vapor that is produced by a vaporizer, resembling the use of the standard tobacco cigarette, without burning tobacco. Moreover, it works by heating a liquid know as an e-liquid or e-juice which generates aerosol i.e. vapor. The liquid may or may not contain nicotine and flavorings.

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Types of e-cigarettes and vaporizers

The first electronic cigarette was invented back in 2003 for the simple purpose of being a healthier alternative for smokers. The rise of the global use in the past several years, has resulted in developing of many new and improved vaping devices. The many variations are mainly divided in two groups: vape shots and refillable vape pens with a disposable cartridge.


The term e-cigarette is commonly used for the cigalike devices. They are small and resemble a tobacco cigarette in shape, length and color. The user activates the e-cig by taking a puff or pressing a small button. The disposable alternative comes in one piece, while the refillable one usually comes in two pieces with a replaceable cartridge.


Vape pens are an improved version of the e-cig. They are larger and come with replaceable cartridge. Moreover, all of the parts, like coils and batteries are replaceable.


Vape kits are much more potent devices that are bigger in size and may come in different shapes. They come in great variety of performances, capabilities, longer battery life, moreover they are custom tailored for a person’s specific needs. There are varieties of vape kits available on the market and they are intended for advanced vapers only.


Mouth to Lung Vaping

People turn to vaping for many different reasons, however most of them admit that they have stayed with their vape device for the simple pleasure of the flavor. Whether you prefer a nicotine or nicotine free vaporizer, you surely enjoy a puff of your favorite flavor. Ex-smokers and pleasure seekers prefer the mouth to lung method to enjoy a good throat hit and an extended flavor sensation.


Mouth to lung method resembles tobacco cigarette smoking. You inhale the vapor in your mouth and after holding it there for second of two, you breathe in the vapor to fill your lungs, and after that you exhale completely.  This means, maximum flavor and optimum vapor.

Mouth to lung method is convenient for vaping in public, since it won’t allow producing clouds of vapor. Devices used for this method are small e-cigs, vape pens and vape pods. If you want a strong nicotine hit, step up the nicotine level for a good throat and lungs hit while enjoying a blast of your favorite flavor.


Direct to Lung Vaping

If you are in for the “bong hit” or “hookah clouds” you may want to use a direct to lung method and a suitable vaporizer. It is performed mostly with larger vaporizers, like vape kits that are potent devices with low resistance coils. As the name implies, to perform this method you should inhale quickly and directly to your lungs, and exhale almost immediately.


Direct to lung method produces much more vapor, which some people find very satisfying. In this case, the flavor is enjoyed more through the intense smell from the vape clouds, rather than from the taste buds. Direct to lung method can be overwhelming for those who are not very experienced with vaping and when used with high nicotine level.


If you are looking for vapor material for your new vape tricks, you need to learn the mouth to lung technique and use a higher performance vape kit.

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Mouth to lung vs. Direct to Lung vaping

Mouth to lung method is a very natural performance when it comes to smoking. Every person is capable of using a simple vape device, and to perform this method. It is recommended for newbies, transition-smokers and people with sensitive respiratory system.


To perform the direct to lung method, a person has to go through the first stage of vaping, the mouth to lung method for a smoother experience. Although it resembles a simple and natural inhale and exhale, doing this through a thin straw-like device can be surprisingly overwhelming experience. Not so experienced vapors may end up coughing their lungs out once they get hit by the large amount of vapor produced with this method.


As for the taste sensations, every individual has its own preferred way of vaping for an enhanced flavorsome experience.

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