Move Furniture Without Scratches 2

‘Tis the season to move your belongings. Whether you’re settling into your first apartment or rearranging the living room for the umpteenth time, moving furniture can be a challenge. It seems as if one needs super powers just to get through it. What if I told you about some products that will guarantee a smooth, effortless move? 

For once in your life, get enthusiastic about moving even the heaviest of your furniture pieces. Whether it’s brand-new or a cherished family heirloom, home décor requires protection, attention and care. SuperSliders® and SoftTouch® products from Waxman offer a full range of products that work to protect the things you love. 

Move Simply with SuperSliders

With SuperSliders, you don’t need a moving crew, to call your dad or be a superhero to slide heavy furniture anymore. These products allow you to effortlessly move furniture across any surface. Use them when moving into a new home or when you’re rearranging furniture. SuperSliders are also the perfect cleaning accessory when you need to get to those hard-to-reach areas behind couches, bedroom sets and televisions. The product line includes furniture sliders for both hard and carpeted surfaces for a variety of residential and commercial needs. Simply stick under your furniture and slide your pieces easily across any surface. These sliders can help move up to 1600 pounds with ease.

Move Furniture Without Scratches 2

Protect Everyday Movement with SoftTouch

SoftTouch products protect floors and household surfaces from the hazards of everyday life—like scratches, dents and scuff marks. From felt pads for your dining room chairs to bumpers for your newly installed kitchen cabinets, softtouch has a solution for you. Easily slide furniture across surfaces on all floor types including carpeted floors. The product line is great for chairs, tables, desks, sofas, electronics, vases, cabinets, appliances and other heavy or bulky items. SoftTouch prevents unsightly scratches and dings on your floors and countertops with surface protection.

Move Furniture Without Scratches 4  Move Furniture Without Scratches 3

Waxman is a leader in the design, development, and distribution of innovative surface protection and floor care brands, including SuperSliders and SoftTouch. Their cutting-edge products such as Felt Pads, Bumpers, Gripper Pads, Furniture Tips, Furniture Sliders, Furniture Glides, Floor and Wall Doorstops and Casters & Caster Cups are available at Lowe’s, Meijer,, Wayfair and more.



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