This year we are going to do something different for the younger kids, we have never done the elf on the shelf but I want to do something different and found the perfect thing. Reindeer In Here, is sort of like the elf on the shelf, but they are able to touch him and carry him where ever they want to go.

Reindeer In Here (book and plush set) is a Christmas friend sent by Santa as an early FIRST GIFT of the holiday season to get to know each child and celebrate that being different is normal. The children are encouraged to take the reindeer plush with them anywhere and everywhere on daily adventures so that it can learn about the uniqueness of each individual child and help Santa deliver their true Christmas wishes.

They will want to take him on all their adventures and keep him or her close to them. They will name their reindeer and from the name, we will know if its a girl or a boy. I can't wait to give the younger ones this gift and we are doing it right after Thanksgiving,

Reindeer In Here was created by a dad who wanted a POSITIVE Christmas tradition for his children that celebrates their individuality and the message that BEING DIFFERENT IS NORMAL. It's a positive experience for children, and instead of spying on your kids for Santa (as some other Christmas traditions do), Reindeer In Here helps Santa get to know them better!

The book is well done, and beautifully illustrated, it's about how Santa sends these deer down to children to show them the real meaning of Christmas, children all over the world will hold them and love them. Every one of us is different in our own unique ways and Reindeer In Here thinks those differences should be celebrated at holiday time and beyond.

Reindeer In Here is looking to spread the Different Is Normal message to children across the country all season long,


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