We love to entertain and have some great family nights, being able to bring the theater home was a plus for us. My niece has her friends over in the summer, for pool parties and whats better than a nighttime movie night outside.  The BENQ is the perfect projector for this job and so much more. Dual HDMI, USB, VGA, AV, TV connect capability, built-in speaker

Delivering movies, TV shows, sports and fast-action video game content in 1080p resolution with 3,300 ANSI lumens and a high contrast ratio of 15,000:1, the MH530FHD ensures brilliant color performance for any home theater space for screens up to 120 inches.  A dedicated Quick Install button instantly accesses installation-friendly functions including keystone adjustment. With a flexible range of digital connectivity options that includes 2x HDMI ports for instant connectivity to HD and streaming content and a built-in 2W speaker, it's the perfect projector for any indoor or outdoor space There's also time to get tickets for musical in NYC, on a beautiful night out.

Stream content directly from a smart device with the Qcast capability of this BenQ projector. The MH530FHD can be run on a tabletop in front of your seating, or hung upside down from the ceiling. Zoom and focus controls are up top and consist of barrel adjusters with smooth, high-quality movements. The zoom increases image size from the bottom up making positioning much easier.

To sit and watch a movie like your in a theater, is great and has been so much fun. The User Guide had a whole lot of drawings, and very little in the way of User-friendly language. I would recommend a rewrite of the User Guide, taking into consideration who the intended audience is and what assumptions they are making about those users. Home users need a whole different instruction set than business users!

Looking to bring home entertainment to a whole new level. then this is perfect for you. Hours of entertainment and can be used both inside and out.



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