If you’re moving house with a family soon, there is likely to be a lot of upheavals. There may be some tears to be had too. Kids find it tough when they have to go through big changes like moving house. It can seem scary and strange. Fortunately, there are lots of ideas out there to help make their move a positive experience.


I know that moving house is going to make all of us very tired. That’s why unpacking the bedroom is the most important thing for me to do. I know we need clean beds and bedding to fall into at the end of the day. Without a good night of sleep, we’re all going to get cranky with each other, and that can easily ruin the moving experience.


The kids’ bedrooms are the most important in our household. It is their own private space where they need to feel safe and happy. A new, strange room in a strange house can be a little frightening for the little ones. I’ve found a few ways to help children feel positive about a new room. If you can let them choose which room they have, they will feel more in control about the move.


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You can also let them get involved in personalizing the room too. Perhaps they can pick some new posters for the walls and even a new bedding set. If you’re all ready for new beds, why not check out somewhere online like http://thebedroomstore.com/ to get some ideas? Giving the kids choices and control will help them feel that they have some positive input toward the move.


Closet organizers are a great way to get the kids more involved with the unpacking. If they can take ownership of putting their things away in their proper places, it will help them feel more connected with the space quickly. Something as simple as a new name plate for the door can help your child feel more at home in their new environment.




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There will also be plenty of new sounds and smells in their new room and around the house. Give each room a quick spray of your usual room freshener or perfume. You can also help soothe the kids at bedtime by going about your usual routine. The sounds of you doing the dishes or watching TV can be quite a comfort if they are familiar.


Although it will be a busy and hectic day, try your best to stick rigidly to the kids’ usual bedtime and bedtime routine. If everything you need for this has been packed in a single suitcase, it will be much easier to find everything and get it prepared. You can let the kids call their friends in the morning to tell them all about the big move. Perhaps you could tell the children a moving story? If they are school age, they might like to write their experiences down in a journal or diary.


The kids’ bedrooms are so important to them. If I were moving house, I would want their new rooms to be just perfect for them. Having the rooms ready for their first night is the ideal way to help them settle into their new home.

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