Moving On A Budget With Proper Planning

When you are moving to a new house, it can require you to bear moving costs in addition to the disruption of your present life and the stresses that come with it. What are the things that influence moving prices?


Consider Factors Affecting Moving Costs

Costs can largely depend on the number of things or belongings that you need to move. If you need to move your car and other vehicles as well, costs can still be higher. The distance you have to move can significantly influence costs, as transporters will charge you for the mileage that they have to carry your goods. So, a long-distance move, probably to another state, is bound to cost you more. The time of the year can also influence costs, as certain slack periods for movers and transporters can get you lower quotes that you will do well to take advantage of. Hiring professionals to take over the entire job of your long distance moving will come at a price that you must be prepared to pay. But the advantage of this is that they take over all the stress and strain of the moving, and leave you just with the job of getting yourself and your family to the new location. Even here, moving services offer a wide variety of packages for your moving, and the costs of moving can depend on the services you sign them up for. Even if you decide to do all the packing and unpacking yourself to save some money, services that movers will willingly give you at a price, you will still have to bear the costs of hiring transport for the move and any costs for loading and unloading the trucks. 


Calculate Them

Moving costs average $4500 for long-distance moves and can be as low as $2500 for shorter distances and as much as $10000 for very long distances across the country. All moves above 400 miles can be considered long-distance moves. Long-distance moving requires greater attention to packing, and the volumes and weight that increase as a result can only add to the cost of moving. Moving costs are linked to weight and distance and the size and number of trucks that you require for the move. You can always rent a truck or a container to carry your goods over the long-distance, making a difference to the costs. Insurance is a must when you are transporting all your worldly belongings, which can only add to the cost. The size of the truck can also affect costs.  


Planning Long Distance Move

How do you plan your long-distance move and do it at the lowest possible cost? Start with a proper and detailed survey of your home and all the things that you have in it. You may find you still have things that you have not seen or used for years, and certainly, they do not need to add to the weight and cost of moving. Get rid of the clutter and hold a garden sale for the things that you no longer need. This can even help you to contribute a small amount to the costs of moving. You can always donate what you do not need or just send it on to recyclers. Start this work at least two or three months in advance of your long-distance move, if possible. Its size and space can also influence your list of things you want to carry to your new house. Now that you are finished with the decluttering, make a complete list of all the items you will pack and carry and have this list ready at least two months before you plan to move. If you are planning to pack your goods yourself, this is the time when you need to start arranging packing materials, now that you know how many boxes or crates you will need. 


Contact Movers

This time, about six weeks before you move, is also the right time to look at other things like notifying schools, getting your medical records, clearing up all your present dues, and other things that you need in place before you leave. Now it’s also the time to decide when you will make a move, get quotes from the companies mentioned at long distance moving website, and other services you may need for the move. If you are doing the packing yourself, you can also start packing things that are not essential for you daily. While you are planning your move, also take into consideration that you are moving to a new home in probably a different city and state, and you need to make sure that you have services and things in place there at your new home so that you are not inconvenienced once you reach there. Two weeks before your planned move, start packing everything except for the essentials that you will need till the last day. A week before your move, contact the moving company and schedule their visit to your house for packing, lifting and shifting, and transporting, or any other services that you have agreed to take from them. The time they require for the work, especially the packing, can depend on the number and volume of things that you need to be moved and affect the cost.


Another way to reduce costs on moving long-distance is to take a closer look at heavy pieces of furniture. Will it make more sense to get rid of the bulkier things and buy them anew when you get to your new home? You will save the costs of packing and transporting them, and these savings can be substantial. You may have to rough it out in your new home for a while till you replace all the things you need, but this in itself can be exciting and allow you to have completely new furniture more suited to your lifestyle in the new home.

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