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Although there are many significant steps you’ll take in life, getting married easily tops the list. A close second is moving houses. Usually, these two steps come close together. While moving across the state after you get married can be pretty exciting, it can also be hectic and stressful if you’re unprepared. 

Making this move can officially kick off a new chapter in your life. You can then take on life as a married couple, working through the myriad challenges of daily life and reveling in each other’s presence. However, before you get to this stage, there’s a lot you need to take care of. 

You’ll face a mountain of work as you plan your move, and without the right tips, your journey can be a hot mess. So, keep reading below! If you’re a little clueless and looking for some assistance, however, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve listed some of the best moving tips for couples moving across states.

Hire a moving company

Most couples plan moves shortly after or immediately after they get married. It can easily be one of the most blissful yet tiring periods of your life simultaneously. You’re probably just gotten done with the wedding, and there can be a lot of fatigue to wear off. Additionally, traveling during the honeymoon can be exciting yet tiring too. With so many things going on, planning a move can be an enormous burden. Moving across state lines can be even more challenging than a regular move, so handling everything yourself might not be advisable. 

Instead, working with a moving company can make the experience much less stressful for both of you. A moving company can take care of everything, ranging from packing and unpacking to ensuring the safety of your belongings. It can help you focus on planning your life instead of busying yourself with menial tasks. If you’re moving from Seattle, you can hire professional moving companies to do the job for you. All you need to do is look up the keywords on your phone ‘moving companies in Seattle WA near me’ and browse through a list of experts to help you have an easy, stress-free move. With a moving company handling much of the work, you can prepare yourself for the transition ahead. 

Discuss the finances

Having a frank, open discussion about your finances is one of the critical parts of any marriage, and even more so if you’re planning to move across states. Shifting houses is no small feat, and you’ll likely be looking at a big dent in your savings. If you’ve recently purchased a home, you’ll need to cover moving expenses, house restoration services, and other expenses which can stack up to a lot. If you’re renting a house, you’ll have to cover a security deposit, rent, and more. 

No matter which path you take, it’s vital that you work as a unit. These financial responsibilities can be too much for either party to bear alone. If you work together, you can have a much more solid plan for the future. Ideally, you should discuss your financial situation before you move to another state. It can help you better prepare for any setbacks or take the liberties you can afford. Once your financial goals align, you can better decide when to shift, what sort of house to rent, and what expenses you can or can’t afford. 

Explore your surroundings 

Getting married and moving to a new state can both be incredibly exciting yet disorienting experiences. Both situations epitomize a fresh start, and it can take some time to get used to the new identity. An excellent way to readjust to your new house and your marriage is to get out as much as you can. Shifting across states can leave you in entirely unfamiliar territory, and you’ll have to explore everything again. It stretches way beyond just your workplace. 

Instead, start meeting new people in your neighborhood and city. You can make new connections at the gym, at church, or a volunteer organization. All these places can allow you to meet new people you can vibe with as a couple. Furthermore, making meaningful new connections with like-minded people can help you beat the homesickness and feel much better adjusted. Meeting all these new people as a couple can also help you adjust better in your marriage and push both parties towards newer, better things. 

Make your house a home 

It is inarguably one of the most vital factors to focus on when you shift houses. As discussed earlier, moving houses and getting married can be incredibly disorienting experiences if you don’t handle them well. Everything can feel a little alien at first. If you don’t make an effort to personalize the experience, you won’t enjoy it. One of the best ways of strengthening your relationship and improving your living experience can be by making your house a home. Now that you're married, you may want to start fresh by having custom home builders Kansas City, (or wherever you choose to live) build you the home of your dreams. 

When you move in initially, there will be little connecting you to the place. However, doing up the house in a manner that reflects both of your personalities and interests can work wonders. When both parties give equal input, your home can become an incredibly comforting, warm place that reflects your relationship. Adding photos around the house is an excellent way of making it seem homelier and cherishing the memories you’ve made together. Additionally, holding a housewarming party can help you inaugurate the new house and prepare for the exciting times you have ahead. 

Start early 

If you plan to take care of the moving task yourself, you need to start as early as possible. Preparing for a move is no easy task, and it can take months of careful consideration to ensure you get it done in time. So, instead of leaving everything up to the last minute, you can start planning and packing as soon as possible. 

A moving checklist can give you some much-needed direction and ensure that you don’t have anything left behind. You can work through each room efficiently, packing what you need and donating what you don’t. A slow and steady approach can keep you prepared and ensure that you don’t miss any of your deadlines. 


If you’re planning to move across states as a couple, we understand if you’re feeling a little nervous. However, these tips can help you keep the anxiety at bay and can instead prepare you to enjoy what lies ahead. Moving across state lines as a couple can be incredibly exciting when done right, and these tips will help you adequately prepare for the next stage in your life.

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