One thing I hear from everyone I talk to is how stressful moving is.  Not only do you have paperwork to fill out or closings, but then you need to pack everything, rent a U-haul or the like, carrying things (some heavy), and find people to help you.  Finding people to help you in and of itself is quite a task.  When you move, you want to do it without the stress.  If you are in the Sarasota, Florida, area, look no further than Belkins Moving Solutions to help you accomplish this.

Not only will Belkins move you, but they can also pack your stuff for you.  Now I know some people are very picky and will only pack themselves, but if you do want to pack everything yourself they can offer suggestions to how to pack easily and efficiently, and even carry an entire line of packing material so you can get it directly from them and cut out a special trip buying packing materials.

Another thing I have heard from many people is the timing.  This is mostly for selling a house and moving into a new one (or even an apartment). You get a closing date for your house, yet the closing date for the new one is not here yet so where do you put all your stuff?  In an ideal world things would be seamless and you could close on your new house first (or start paying rent) and then move all your belongings, but it does not always work that way, especially if a house is being built, or if you just couldn't pay two mortgages (or a rent and mortgage) while hoping your home sells fast, or if the homeowners are in a big rush and want their closing date sooner and you don't want to lose the deal.  That makes for some pretty stressful moments where you have no idea what you are going to do in those days or weeks that you are waiting to get into your new home or apartment. Belkins has the ideal solution by offering storage so they will pick up your stuff, store it, and then when able move it into your new place.  Much easier than worrying about finding storage for it and essentially having to “move” twice.

Belkins Moving Solutions not only does residential moving but also does it for offices and if you are moving out of state no issue because they also do long distance moving.  They also offer storage only.

If you are ready for a move, don't add the actually moving part to the long list of things you need to do.  Check out Belkins Moving Solutions and see how easy a move can be!


Moving to a new place means, there are things and places to see. To find out all the best places, I use G Adventures, they let me know what's in the area and the best things to do.

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