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Mr clean step on it dust pan. With fall here there is a lot of clean up. Zachary and his friends drag in leaves and debris from outside. The flexible edge adjusts to the floor surface for efficient pick up of dust and dirt. The foothold design dress both hands. It collects the mess without having to bend over. Put your foot in handle and sweep the dirt in. The dust pan is safe on all floors. The dustpan clips onto most broom handles.

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The next item I received was a mr clean mop. I wasn't to sure about this mop as I always use sponge mop. I was delighted in the way it cleaned. It is easy to use the rag mop. The wringer makes it very easy to wring out. The mop was very easy to clean the tiles and grout in my kitchen and bathrooms. When I was mopping it seemed to keep the floor clean but didn't leave an excess amount of water.  With the built-in Magic Eraser scrubbing pad, the Mr. Clean Super Mop can handle the toughest of jobs. Thanks to super-absorbent cotton yarn mop head and the easy-to-us wringing system, cleaning will be a cinch.

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I also received a mr clean mop bucket. The flat back bucket is ideal for small spaces, this 18 quart bucket features a flat side, which makes it effortless to fill in a sink or tub. This clever cleaning accessory also features a recessed grip on the bottom of the bucket for easy pouring. For more information click here.

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