We really don't drink much soda, but there are times when we wish we had a root beer, when I got the chance to give an honest opinion on the Mr beer Kit review I thought this would be so much fun to do. . The kit comes with enough to make two gallons, but you can only do one gallon at a time, as it comes with four 1-quart bottles. The taste of the root beer has everything to do with how closely you follow the instructions

This kit is simple to use and the whole family will be entertained making a batch. Unlike store-bought root beer, Mr. Root Beer creates a root beer that is naturally carbonated, giving it less fizz and a smoother, creamier taste. This flavor is more like traditional, old-fashioned root beer. It also makes for a great hands-on science-like experiment. Takes about a week to process. Kit contains: 2-oz. concentrated root beer extract, flavor crystals to add body and provide a creamy taste, root beer yeast, no-rinse cleaner, four bottles and caps, 4-oz. funnel and instruction guide.


With the Mr. Root Beer Kit you will be able to produce two gallons of delicious old-fashioned root beer in as little as three days! It is easy to use and fun for the whole family. Since Mr. Root Beer is naturally carbonated it will give you less fizz and more of a smoother creamier root beer taste. This kit will included everything you need to make two gallons of root beer in no time at all

It does take a little time to make because you have to wait 10 minutes each time that you sanitize, but that is hardly an inconvenience. The instructions say to wait one to three days for the yeast to do its work before you refrigerate the root beer. So far my root beer has been ready to refrigerate after one day every time. One batch is four bottles, but the bottles each hold 24-28 ounces depending how high you fill them.

We loved making it as a family and the taste we thought was good but not as good as ones we tasted, would be great as a holiday gift guide. Not only do they have Mr Root Beer Kit they also have Mr Beer Kit and Cider Kit.

Welcome to the world of home brewing! For the past few decades, Mr.Beer® has been providing homebrewers with everything they need to have a fun and simple brewing experience. From complete homebrewing systems, to the finest brewing ingredients and accessories in the world, Mr. Beer's premium products ensure great tasting beer every time you brew. Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to your satisfaction and can help you with all your product and brewing needs.



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