I was recently contacted to do a review for Mrs Fields Cupcake Pan. The nice people from Love Cooking Company sent me two products to try, the cupcake pan and the scoop n cut cookie tool. Both are new to them.

blog 031    Couldnt wait to try these out with my Niece shes the baker , always making cupcakes and cookies. She reminds me of me when I was her age always wanting to bake with my mom and grandma and our Aunt Bonnie,. The cupcake pan is made of a non sick coating and a heavy-duty steel. It comes with two pieces the cupcake holder and a base on the bottom , the top part comes of very easy and the bottom part can be used as a lasagna pan.


Making the cupcakes was very easy just follow the instructions and fill the cones about 2/3 the way or have some exploding cupcakes. They came out very good and we were very pleased with them, cooled them off enough to frost and decorate. = We were all to happy to try them out. A perfect surprise to any holiday party. I love this an it was very easy yo use , our cupcakes were done in less than 15 minutes and done perfect no exploding cupcakes.

Like I said I also received the The Mrs Fields Scoop N Cut cookie tool, This will be perfect for us when we start doing our holiday baking just like our mommy did. I cant wait to work with them again I am in love with this company.


Some info about the product
An ice cream cone cupcake is the perfect easy-to-eat dessert for birthday parties and school events! With the Mrs. Fields Cupcake Cone Pan™, you simply fill a flat-bottomed ice cream cone with your favorite cake batter and slide into the slots on this specially designed pan to bake. Baking these sweet treats has never been easier!

The story about lovecooking company

We believe that there is no higher value than showing your loved ones that you care. Our company was created to embrace and inspire more loving moments. They may occur while cooking together expressed in the form of appreciation as friends and family delight in what you have made for them. They will preserve these tastes and smells in their hearts for a lifetime.

The Love Cooking Company is proud to partner with the Mrs. Fields Company. Their wonderful baking history blended with the innovation and mission of the Love Cooking Company is an unbeatable recipe that will spread more love around the world!

Check them out yourself at   www.lovecookingcompany.com

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